Event planners try to find tents before upcoming storms


The Danville Fall Crafts Festival is a huge event scheduled in Danville that will continue, but may look a little different than originally planned.

A large tent went up Friday morning at Wente Vineyards; it is a rather large plan "B" for what otherwise would've been an outdoor affair. However, with the first significant rains predicted this weekend, one wedding is moving under the big top.

"You have every bride, every wedding, everyone that has anything that has an door component associated with it scrambling to put up tents, canopies, umbrellas to move people around, shuttle carts to get people from parking lots," says Robert Gundrey from Wente Vineyards.

"I think we've had like four or five calls already today," says Weston Cook from Special Events.

In fact, the wet weather has created quite a last-minute demand at Special Events in Livermore, which specializes in renting tents.

"Ah, most people do get kind of panicky, particularly if it's a nice event that they're trying to put together. A lot of events, obviously, on the weekends happen to be weddings and things of that nature, so people do get a little nervous about their events," says Cook.

A good number of the tents will be heading to Danville for a two-day fall crafts festival that is a show that will go on with about 200 booths, whatever the weather.

"They're covered. They're in booths and it's an outdoor event and so you're going to expect sometimes that the weather could change. It could've been a really hot weekend. Now it's going to be a rainy weekend. That's okay," says Melony Newman from the Danville Area Chamber.

For all its inconvenience, the rain does bring some relief for local firefighters, concerned about the Bay Area's tinder-dry vegetation.

"It's good for our vegetation fire season. It sort of brings the peak of the season to a close in this area, unless we get another run of hot weather. As far as fire danger in the area, it's important for people to stay aware that this is the time to ensure that your fireplace is in good condition, that your heaters and furnaces are in good working order and that you heat your house the proper and safe way," says Joe Testa, Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Dept.

Fire season doesn't officially end until CAL FIRE says so. It could take several days or weeks of heavy rains before that is likely to happen.

The Shoreline Bridge School Benefit concert will go on since there is a rain or shine policy in effect. Umbrellas are not allowed in the lawn section due to view obstruction, so concert goers are encouraged to bring ponchos.

Something else to pay attention to this weekend is storm drains that might clog because of dry leaves that have settled in all around them.

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