Fresh produce store to open in the Bayview


San Francisco Supervisor Sophie Maxwell says when the new Fresh and Easy grocery store opens on 3rd Street next year, families will finally get what they need most -- fresh produce and an easy way to get it.

"For the first time people will be able to say 'honey go get some milk' and not fear for their lives because it is convenient," she said.

"We haven't had a grocery store out here in a very long time. And to have this grocery store ready up and ready to go, simply means that the components of a real neighborhood is happening in the outer Bayview area," former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown said.

The 10,000-square foot market is part of the 3rd Street condo development at Muni's Carroll Station. Fresh and Easy expects to employ 20 people to run the store and will be hiring local.

"We're really excited to bring fresh produce, fresh vegetables and fresh fruits to the neighborhood and to be able bring the kind of food you want to feed your family with," Roberto Muñoz from Fresh and Easy Market said.

Wayne Wolfe has lived in the Bayview all of his life and says he's positive about the changes taking place.

"It would be great for the community. Every other district has a grocery store to go to within their bounds, so now we have something right on 3rd," he said.

The entire complex cost $100 million and it all came from the private sector. Twenty condos have already been sold and Fresh and Easy Market will open in the spring and Two restaurants will also open in the complex.

These new businesses are a true sign the Bayview is becoming a neighborhood families will want to move into.

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