Luck headed to Heisman announcement


Luck was named the PAC-10 offensive player of the year. Coming into this season, there were major questions about how Stanford would move the ball without Toby Gerhart. The answer is just fine, with Luck pulling the trigger and making some amazing passes.

Stanford won 11 games this season for the first time in school history and Luck was the engine that drove the Cardinal offensive machine. He threw for over 3,000 yards and 28 touchdowns and is honored to be a finalist for the Heisman, even though most think Auburn quarterback Cam Newton's name is already on the trophy.

"I guess it's still a trip to New York. I'm just excited about the whole thing. What happens, happens and whoever wins is going to deserve to win. I'm just excited to be part of the discussion," said Luck.

Stanford has now had back to back Heisman candidates as Toby Gerhardt was last year's runner up.

"I think it speaks volumes for where this program is headed, where it is right now, what a great job coach Harbaugh has done," said Luck.

His teammates also had some advice for Andrew.

"They're all very happy. They told me to get a haircut, so I did," said Luck.

Andrew only owns two suits.

"My mom gave me the green light to get a new suit. She said I'm not going to grow anymore, so I might as well get one now," said Luck.

This is a nerve-wracking event so you better have a speech written in advance in case you win.

When asked if he has a speech ready, Luck said, "I do not right now, but I have a lot of flight time to formulate something."

Andrew is such a great person. He will enjoy his Heisman weekend in New York. If he wins, great. If not, he will be happy for the player that does.

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