Humane Society letting people set price on adoptions


Four-month-old terrier mix named Watson is a lucky dog; he will have a new home for the holidays. That might not be the case for the other 99 dogs crowding the Humane Society of Silicon Valley. In fact, there are 150 dogs in Santa Clara County all in need of a home. The overflow is a result of families not being able to care for their pets.

"Some families having a tougher time, we are seeing more dogs coming in this time of year and it is an ebb and flow thing, one week you might be fine and then you might get 50 dogs in and your suddenly overflowing with dogs," Humane Society Silicon Valley spokesperson Laura Fulda said.

Two days ago, the shelter reported 262 dogs, 30 were moved to the facility, which usually houses only 40 dogs. To get the animals adopted, the shelter started a "Your Price is Right" program, dropping the $175 adoption fee to whatever people want to pay. It's working; 25 dogs were adopted over the weekend.

"It's just good timing for us, I have a couple of weeks off because I am a teacher and good timing for that and also because there are a lot of dogs up for adoption," Elizabeth Doogan said.

"We've thought about adopting in the past but we always pushed it back, pushed it back, but we definitely think this is the right time now that we have our son," Daisy Quintero said.

Training fees and other licenses fees remain the same.

The "Your Price is Right" adoption promotion will continue through the end of the month. They are hoping to place 75 dogs into new homes this holiday season.

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