Good Houskeeping puts five 3D TVs to the test

January 1, 2011 6:35:44 PM PST
With all the after-Christmas sales, chances are you could get a good deal on that TV you've been holding out for.

Good Housekeeping looked at which 3D TVs are worth checking out.

Those 3D movies we've all been watching in the theater can now also be enjoyed in our homes. So, the engineers at Good Housekeeping tested five 3D TV sets.

"We looked at picture quality and audio quality, and then we had a consumer panel come in and help us judge how easy and comfortable the 3D glasses were and look at different features on them," says Rachel Rothman with Good Housekeeping.

The testers liked the Samsung 50-inch 3D set. It's able to convert any 2D content into 3D. It's a plasma set which means it can be viewed from all angles. The 50-inch Panasonic plasma 3D also made Good Housekeeping's top 3 list. It got especially high marks for sound quality.

"The 47-inch LCD TV by LG did really well in our tests in terms of picture quality for both 3D content and non-3D content. Users also found it extremely intuitive and easy to use," Rothman said.

3D content is limited right now, but it will continue to grow along with the popularity of the 3D TVs.