What to look for in a high quality cashmere sweater

January 18, 2011 7:47:28 AM PST
Cashmere is soft, warm and can be pricey. But even at sale prices, you want to make sure you also get good quality.

"Just because you're getting something on sale doesn't mean it's a good buy," said Kathleen Huddy of Good Housekeeping.

Check the label for two ply yarn. One ply yarn cashmere may pill and fuzz much quicker. Also if you can put your hand underneath and see it, don't expect the garment to last long. Good Housekeeping also advises you to see if the sweater is knitted together seamlessly. Cashmere sewn at the seams can rip and tear.

"And stay away from the super fuzzy cashmere. It may look and feel great now, but it will sprout ugly little pills very quickly," said Huddy.

End of season sales are generally a great time to find bargains you can still wear for a couple of months, but examine the item carefully to ensure you're getting the best quality for your money.