Owner: Los Altos police shot pit bull running home

A pit bull owner says Los Altos police shot her dog that was running home.

January 22, 2011 12:54:48 AM PST
A Los Altos woman says her dog was running to her house when officers shot it.

Los Altos police say a neighbor called 911 because the dog, a pit bull, was threatening him. Police say the dog lunged at them and that's why the dog was shot.

However, the dog's owner has a different story.

"Zeus, the pit bull, was running to come into the house because I was calling his name. At the exact moment, that I got to the front door and the dog was coming toward me, he was shot by the police officer, right on the edge of my property," said dog owner Mary G. Anderson.

Anderson told ABC7 Zeus got out of her house along with two other dogs because a door was accidentally left ajar. The two other dogs were not injured.