SJSU hockey team suspended for alcohol abuse

February 5, 2011 2:02:13 AM PST
The San Jose State University men's hockey team is accused of abusing alcohol and is off the ice as a result. The complaints against the team could put their entire season in jeopardy. On Friday night the team held a closed-door meeting.

The 20 Spartans, their parents, and coaches left the Sharks Ice center pretty quiet. Neither the sullen team members nor their parents would answer any questions. ABC7 learned that they did discuss the infinite suspension the team has been given. It all came about after the university received a couple of calls about the team abusing alcohol while in uniform, according to university spokesperson Pat Harris.

"This does involve alcohol and all of our club sports team members are fully aware that alcohol and team sports don't mix at San Jose State," said Harris.

Harris would not say when, where, or how the alcohol was consumed. She also didn't indicate whether it was while the team was on the road or during a game.

Hockey coach Ron Glasow was elected by the parents to speak for them, but he didn't want to say too much.

"We'll do anything that's needed to look into any allegation. I'm not sure of what the allegations are," said Glasow.

Glasow repeated several times that he didn't even know why his team was suspended. He says he has faith in his players and thinks they will be cleared of any charges.

"We believe it will be [cleared] and I'm confident the players will be exonerated from any of the allegations, whatever they may be," said Glasow.

The team was supposed to play Friday night against San Diego, but no one is sure when the team will play again.

Natras Das is a junior at San Jose State and says he was looking forward to watching his first San Jose State hockey game.

"Yeah, this was going to be my first San Jose State game that I attended, so I'm a little bit disappointed," said Das.

The team is supposed to hold the national division finals in San Jose in March, but they don't even know if they're going to be able to play. Also, the university says their investigation will take anywhere from two to three weeks and if they find serious wrongdoing, the students could be expelled.