Popular baby stroller poses strangulation hazard

Like many traditional strollers, the Zooper Waltz comes with both a grab bar and a tray that attach above a child's legs. That's where researchers found a safety problem.

"If a child isn't strapped into the stroller, their torso could slip through the gap between the grab bar and the seat. But their head could get hung up. And that could result in strangulation. That same problem would exist if the tray was in place," Dan Mays from Consumer Reports said.

The stroller failed Consumer Report's test of a voluntary safety standard. When placed in the stroller, the head probe should pass through underneath the bar under its own weight. But it doesn't and it poses a strangulation risk.

If you already own this stroller, Consumer Reports recommends you discard the grab bar and tray and always strap your child in a stroller.

The maker of the Zooper Waltz says the stroller meets all voluntary safety standards and it has no reports of injuries. The company also says the Consumer Product Safety Commission is currently testing the Zooper Waltz for the problem.

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