Giants react to Bonds verdict


There was a fair amount of confusion out at AT&T Park after the verdict. A number of players and coaches were wondering how Bonds could be found guilty of obstruction of justice when the jury could not come to the conclusion that he actually lied in his grand jury testimony.

There are few players on the current Giants roster that ever played alongside of Bonds, but assistant coach Shawon Dunston was a teammate of his and shared his thoughts on what he knew of Bonds, the person, and this case.

"It's positive and it's negative. He's cocky, he's good. He used to tell us why couldn't you hit this ball, and we're like, we maybe ain't that good, such and such, and he just starts laughing. But how he treated my son, I look at Barry a little different. How he treated me, like I said, I could care less. That stuff don't bother me."

"For us, we all play the game. I think that there is a mark against us. Hopefully the more we play, the longer the testing goes on and it eliminates it from the game, we can kind of remove the black eye a little bit and just go out there and play baseball," said Giants reliever Jeremy Affeldt. "But I think for the most part, you're not going to see a lot of it in the game anymore, from what I can tell."

The Giants organization released a statement saying, "This case is ongoing and we expect it will proceed in a fair and orderly manner. Accordingly, we have no comment at this time."

It's safe to say many in baseball would like to see the steroid cloud pass once and for all, but unfortunately the Bonds case is going to linger with appeals and for some time longer.

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