Experts speculate on royal wedding live streams


The Internet is buzzing. With the royal wedding just hours away, people are posting and tweeting like crazy. No telling how many posts there'll be the day-of, but with 2.5 billion people expected to tune into the royal wedding, Internet traffic could reach record levels.

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone is finding humor in it all -- he was photographed adding a mock server labeled, "Will and Kate".

"Twitter has been a little bit cocky leading up to this and they said they don't plan to add anymore servers and they think they need only one server to deal with all the traffic with the royal wedding. I would be very surprised if Twitter is working well that day," said CNET Executive Editor Molly Wood.

But the bigger concern is over live streams. News organizations are offering live coverage on their web pages while YouTube is running the official royal wedding website.

"The biggest risk is the video itself won't work well, so that if a million people trying to stream a particular video the servers are going to be overwhelmed. I won't shut down the Internet, but it will shut down that particular stream," said tech analyst Larry Magid.

As many as 400 million people are expected to tune into YouTube's live stream, but the company hasn't revealed any details on how it has prepared for the royal wedding. Industry observers will be closely watching to see if the system holds up.

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