Zero tolerance policy for 100th Bay to Breakers


Many runners came to the Concourse Exhibition Center on Saturday to pickup t-shirts and numbers.

Organizers said the race sold out quickly, primarily because this is the 100th anniversary of the race. This year, some new restrictions will be tightly enforced on the runners, like no floats or alcohol. Some runners that ABC7 spoke with agreed that some practices had to be stopped in order to make the race more enjoyable, even if it does rain Sunday.

"We have a zero tolerance policy this year. And if you are drunk and on the course, you will be pulled off the course by security and asked to leave. And if you don't, you might be arrested," said Bay to Breakers organizer Gina Antonini.

"Are you happy that they are restricting alcohol and floats?" asked ABC7's Tomas Roman.

"I'm pretty happy about it, being my age I wouldn't like to see any of that stuff going on. I wouldn't want to see any of those crazy things going on," said first time runner Brendan Perez.

"They said it might rain Sunday," said Roman.

"It does not matter. We always run no matter what. Rain or shine we run," said 20-year runner Lazaro Sanchez.

"The weather is great because the air is clean and it is good for running," said runner Mike Williams.

Street closures began around 4 p.m. on Saturday and will continue throughout the night.

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