Bob Weir builds studio for live streams


One of the founders of the Grateful Dead has expanded into new technology. Guitarist Bob Weir has built a studio where live performances are sent directly into your home.

This is a music and video first. The live performance in HD and audio from TRI Studios -- a state of art performance venue -- is a show on the Internet that you can get directly at home. It's the creation of music legend Bob Weir.

"I set out to make the ultimate playpen for a musician," said Weir.

The founder of The Grateful Dead has created a studio where bands can rehearse and perform.

"What I'm beginning to see here is the future of music is live. We can do it in your living room. We can bring a more intimate experience than you can get anywhere else," said Weir.

And what makes this place amazing is a revolutionary technology that changes the acoustics of the room, read by microphones in the ceiling. The room actually sounds pretty dead and the sound does not travel far at all. However, the room can be controlled with an iPad and sounds can echo as if the room were a cathedral. That's invaluable when you are creating a piece of music.

So during Weir's demonstration, look who shows up -- fellow Marin musician Sammy Hagar (The Red Rocker).

"The microphones take what they hear in the room and put it through software and put it back out," said Weir.

The results are astonishing.

"Can it be better than this? No," said Hagar.

There will be more shows that will be posted on TRI Studios' website.

"Bob, what can you do to make this better? Nothing," said Hagar to Weir.

"Well, you know, in six months this will be old hat," said Weir.

The performances will be pay per view. Weir embraces the concept and he is touring this summer.

"It's big old world for this boy. The challenge is, as always, 'What are you doing to do with it?'" said Weir.

Looks like he's found an answer.

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