Hockey star picks up hitchhiking U2 singer Bono


Edmonton Oiler Gilbert Brule and his girlfriend spotted Bono and his assistant hitchhiking after they got stuck in the rain while walking on a West Vancouver, British Columbia road.

"I said 'no, we're not picking up hitchhikers, we're going to die, there's no way,'" said Kelsey Nichols.

"We kept driving for a while and I'm like 'come on, turn around, turn around.' So she finally turned around I yelled out the window and he waved at me. So he got in the car and we drove them to Horseshoe Bay," said Brule.

The U2 legend appreciated the lift and invited the couple to be backstage with the band at Wednesday night's concert. The couple even sold their tickets to game one of the NHL Stanley Cup finals between the Canucks and Boston Bruins to be there. Bono told the crowd the story during the concert and the Irish rocker named each of his band members after a player on the Edmonton Oilers' for the night; Bono called himself Brule.

By the way, U2 will be at the Oakland Coliseum next Tuesday, June 7.

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