Man thrown off flight over pants speaks out


Marman told ABC7 he was confused at first, and then grew angry, when approached by a pilot of US Airways over his sagging pants.

"I felt harassed, like they were attacking me," Marman said, "but I don't know why. I paid my ticket like everybody else."

The 20-year-old's trouble began Wednesday morning before he boarded his US Airways flight to Phoenix. As the gate attendant took his boarding pass, she asked Marman to pull up his pajama pants.

"His underwear was covering his private areas, but his pants were below his shorts so it was in full view of the traveling public," said police Sgt. Michael Rodriguez.

"I said, 'Yes, ma'am,'" Marman said. "I tried to pull it up but I couldn't because I was carrying two big bags and I was in a line of people all moving fast toward the plane."

US Airways told ABC7 his pants were below his knees, exposing his underwear.

"The pajama bottoms were loose and they didn't fit well," Marman admitted, "but they weren't hanging below the knees and only the top of my underwear was showing."

Marman said he went to his seat and put his bags away and that's when a flight attendant approached him about the pajama pants problem.

"I took my seat and pulled up my pants, but a flight attendant came and told me to step off the plane," Marman said. "I told her I did nothing wrong, 'I committed no crime. I did nothing wrong. I paid my ticket. Why are you asking me to get off the plane?' I refused to do that."

Marman said things escalated when the pilot asked him to get off the plane.

"The pilot (spoke) to me in an belligerent tone," Marman said. "He was (speaking) down to me when he asked me to leave."

The pilot called the police. When police arrived, Marman said the pilot wanted him off and asked the other passengers to de-board the plane.

"This plain clothes officer calmed me down," Marman said of a detective that came aboard the plane. "He told me (that) if I agreed to get off the plane, the airline would refund my ticket, so I agreed to get off."

When Marman got to the breezeway, he claims police rushed him and placed him in handcuffs.

The pilot at the center of the case made what's known as a "citizen's arrest," charging Marman with trespassing, and that's what caused the police to get involved. Marman said he was unaware he had trespassed, saying he paid $500 for a ticket to Phoenix and the airliner accepted his boarding pass.

Marman's defense attorney said his client would post the $11,000 bail on Thursday evening. Marman did that and has been released.

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