Police warn of mountain lion in El Cerrito


El Cerrito police and the Contra Costa County Animal Control responded to the 5800 block of Charles Avenue regarding an injured deer, police said.

After examining the deer and evidence at the scene, officers determined the animal had been attacked by a young mountain lion, according to police.

Though mountain lions rarely attack people, police advise residents to be aware and follow safety guidelines during an encounter.

Residents are directed to slowly walk away while facing the mountain lion, and avoid running. Rather than crouching or bending over, police suggest trying to appear larger by waving arms, making loud noises, and throwing rocks or other objects at the mountain lion.

Police also warn against leaving small children and pets unattended outdoors.

If a mountain lion is spotted, residents can call El Cerrito police at (510) 237-3233 or Contra Costa County Animal Control at (925) 646-2441.

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