2 men arrested after long, high-speed chase


The chase started before 8 p.m. in Newark and went north on I-880 to Oakland, then I-980, then onto I-580 through Livermore to I-5, ending in Lathrop in the Central Valley. The chase finally ended in San Joaquin County around 9:30 p.m., off of I-5 north at the Louise Avenue exit in Lathrop.

There was a very large police presence in Lathrop. Officers from San Mateo County SWAT, East Palo Alto Police, and the Highway Patrol left the scene around 11 p.m.

They stopped a silver Mercedes and had the suspects pull over at a Shell gas station. Police originally believed the ones in the car were two men wanted out of East Palo Alto for a crime spree that involves four murders, armed robberies and burglaries. The suspects are not involved in connection with any of those crimes, but the police thought they were because the car they were driving was registered to one of the murder suspects. Police still have not confirmed the identities of the two men arrested.

CHP got ahead of the suspect's car and laid down a spike strip that stopped the Mercedes on the highway.

Some 30 to 50 armed officers then got the suspects to pull into a gas station and then got them out of their car.

Shortly before 11 p.m., the two men were taken away in a San Mateo County Sheriff's car. The thought is that they're heading back to Redwood City where they'll be booked for evading police.

Police are saying very little about the entire chase or if they found any weapons inside the car. The only thing they did tell ABC7 was that it was a joint operation involving East Palo Alto police and CHP officers.

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