Grieving sisters removed from Southwest plane

A woman and her sister were removed from a Southwest plane after one of them asked for some wine.

July 27, 2011 12:00:00 AM PDT
Two sisters on their way to Dallas, where their father had just had a heart attack, were removed from a Southwest Airlines flight on Wednesday in Oakland. They say it followed a misunderstanding with a flight attendant.

"I broke down and started to cry and I'm a little bit afraid to fly, so I said to the stewardess as she was passing, 'When you're going to be serving, I'll have a glass of wine,' and she said, 'I think you've had enough.' Of course I hadn't had any on the airplane," said passenger Ricci Wheatley.

"She was very quiet, softly crying. It was not a crying that anybody would hear," said Robin Opperman, Wheatley's sister.

Southwest put the sisters up at a hotel for the night, paid for a meal, and will put them on a flight to Dallas on Thursday.

ABC7 tried to reach Southwest for a comment, but they didn't immediately reply.