Computer glitch overcharges man for insurance

MORAGA, Calif.

Computers -- we can't live without them. But when things with computers go wrong, it can be enough to make you pull your hair out.

The relationship between humans and computers is not always a smooth one. Those tensions and frustrations were both felt by a Bay Area man in his dealings with his mortgage company.

"Even if the humans in Wells Fargo tell the computer that something is wrong, the computers won't listen," Moraga resident Joon Oh said.

Oh's problem started when he switched home insurance companies for his home in Moraga. That change didn't get to Wells Fargo and the bank told him he needed to buy insurance.

And the situation was further complicated when he moved from that home in Moraga to San Carlos.

He promptly sent the bank proof of insurance for his Moraga home and followed up with a phone call.

"When I did give them the proof there was no issue; they said, 'You're right, there was no issue with your insurance, there's just an issue with our computer system,'" Oh said.

But he continued to get notices that he lacked insurance and finally the bank billed him for $6,000 for two years worth of home insurance it purchased for him. Half that money was eventually refunded to him when Wells Fargo realized its mistake. But he still wanted the refund for both years.

That's when I decided to call 7 On Your Side because it's been going on now for about 10 months and finally we just said, 'We're going to need a little help,'" Oh said.

Wells Fargo responded promptly when 7 On Your Side called, refunding the remaining $3,000 within weeks.

The company declined to comment on camera, but told 7 On Your Side it is pleased it was able to resolve the issues relating to insurance coverage on Oh's property. Borrowers should always be certain to promptly notify their lender in the event of change in their insurance carrier.

"There's some immediate results right there; I don't think we would have that kind of attention if we hadn't called 7 On Your Side," Oh said.

In fact, Wells Fargo refunded Oh's money with interest. They cut him a check for 1 cent to pay him for that interest.

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