Hayward police investigate double shooting


For most of the day, police have not released much information. The two victims live in one home but were found across the street at another. Both were shot to death.

Investigators spent much of the morning measuring bullet holes in a white van located at the scene. Police say one person was pronounced dead near the van, while the other victim was rushed to a nearby hospital.

"I heard three gunshots, and I came outside," one neighbor who did not want to be identified said. "Then there were three police cars."

Another neighbor also heard a commotion outside.

"We just heard the shots," the neighbor, who only wanted to be identified as Shaness, said. "Bam, bam, bam...and then I opened my door and...I didn't see anything."

The double shooting happened early in the morning, before most people were outside to see anything.

At least one home, though, has a surveillance camera on its roof. The video from that camera has already been acquired by police.

"This is a very nice area," one neighbor said. "It has never happened before. We don't even know what is happening."

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