Woman gives birth on flight from Philippines to SFO


Aida Alamillo and her hours old son Kevin are just fine now. Yes the child arrived in the usual way, but not on the Sept. 28 due date and certainly not in the usual place.

Alamillo was on a flight hundreds of miles out to sea and seven miles over the ocean when she went into labor.

A flight attendant helped her to a private area in the upper deck as a call went out looking for nurses onboard. Three responded.

They started by offering Alamillo some advice.

"[They said] if you can do it, don't have a baby here we won't land for about an hour or two hours," Alamillo said.

But baby Kevin was already on the way. Alamillo says the nurses were amazing, working together as a team.

This is Alamillo's first trip to the United States from the Philippines. She was headed to Boston to join her husband and three other children.

Alamillo did have her doctor's permission to fly. And even though baby Kevin was technically born hundreds of miles off shore, his official birthplace will be San Francisco.

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