BART testing six clip-on police video cameras

BART promises an investigation after new video shows an officer punching Grant.

September 30, 2011 7:44:06 AM PDT
Bay Area Rapid Transit police are testing six, clip-on video cameras that are intended to record officers' interactions with people in the field.

The camera program, which began several weeks ago, follows the July 3 shooting death of Charles Hill by BART police at a station in San Francisco.

BART has said the officers opened fire after Hill, a transient, threw a knife at them. But a number of protests calling for the disbanding of the agency's police department have followed.

The shooting also reignited lingering tensions from the New Year's Day 2009 killing of Oscar Grant by a BART officer.

The Contra Costa Timesreports that the cameras BART is testing are on loan from the manufacturer. The agency will eventually decide whether to buy them for all officers on patrol.