Man 'goes to war' with Orbitz via social media


Sean Trank of San Francisco thought he was just following instructions, but doing that ended up causing him a huge headache. He originally contacted 7 On Your Side by uReport, powered by YouTube.

"I have to tell you something. I'm really upset. I'm about to tell you why," he said in a video.

He said it all started when he got on his mobile phone to order airline tickets through Orbitz. He ended up not only booking one trip, but two trips for the same day, to the same destination, on two different airlines.

"I'm going to be telling the world about this for a while. I'm pretty upset," he continued. "They should have given me a refund."

Here's how the double-booking happened. He booked a flight for his wife to North Carolina.

"At the very end, after putting the credit card information in, I got an error that said, 'An error has occurred. Please start over.'"

So, he attempted to rebook the flight, but the US Airways flight he originally tried to book was no longer available. He booked a flight on Delta instead. That is when the trouble started. Both flights were charged to his credit card and Orbitz refused to cancel one of the flights and refund his money.

"I thought this would be a simple problem with a simple solution, but you're telling me you can't give me a refund. If it was the same airlines, I would have gotten a refund," he said.

So, he sent 7 On Your Side his video blog about the incident. He tweeted all his friends and he even set up a Facebook event he titled "Orbitz Is Going Down." We contacted Orbitz on his behalf.

"I feel like that was a huge stimulus for them cooperating with my requests and yeah, I couldn't have done that on my own," he said.

Orbitz contacted him the very same day and said US Airways would be refunding him the money for his airline ticket. Orbitz told 7 On Your Side that delivering a great travel experience is its highest priority.

"Social media does have power," Trank said.

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