Surfer hospitalized after shark attack on Saturday


Authorities believe the shark that attacked 27-year-old Eric Tarantino Saturday morning may have been a great white.

Tarantino was surfing at Marina State Beach when the attack happened. Tarantino managed to get away from the shark and swim ashore after several bites.

Friend Brandon McKibbon was surfing with Tarantino about 150 yards off the shore when the shark attacked.

"I came down over the top of the wave," McKibbon said. "I heard him screaming 'shark, shark' and at that point I didn't know what was going on."

Tarantino had gashes in his arm and his neck, narrowly missing his jugular. By the time Tarantino got to shore, he was starting to slip into shock.

Paramedics airlifted Tarantino to San Jose Medical Center.

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