Wozniak, Nimoy meet for tech meeting

Thursday night Steve Wozniak and Leonard Nimoy shared the stage at a tech presentation in San Francisco.

January 5, 2012 12:00:00 AM PST
A meeting of the tech minds took place Thursday night at Temple Nightclub in San Francisco. Steve Wozniak and Leonard Nimoy were on hand for Demo Enterprise Disruption: An Evening Of Change And Innovation.

It was an opportunity for Wozniak's company, Fusion-io, and student companies to show off their products to potential investors. The Woz and the actor best known as "Spock" on "Star Trek" took to the stage to trade personal stories, including meeting for the first time in Moscow.

"...And a group of people passed us and after they passed us, the people that I was with said to me, 'I think that was Steve Wozniak that just went by,'" said Nimoy.

"I think my people told me 'That's Leonard Nimoy,'" said Wozniak.

Fusion-io's demo showed a storage and data hybrid that can process one billion I/Os per second. For those who don't speak "techie," it's basically a product that can process very large quantities of data, very, very quickly.