Local businesses hope to cash in on 49ers

January 19, 2012 8:19:38 PM PST
Kick-off is in less than three days and San Francisco 49er fans are licking their chops. One more win and we're in the Super Bowl! All of this excitement is good for morale and it is also very good for business.

If you're going to the game on Sunday, take a jacket. If you're buying your tickets online, make sure you get what you paid for.

Rich Tapia is a huge 49ers fan, but like many, he isn't willing to cough up the big bucks it would take to attend this Sunday's game against the New York Giants. Instead, he's planning the perfect party at home.

"Beer and ribs. That's it, game over, watch that, then we're done," said Tapia.

Ticket prices are through the roof. A simple online search revealed prices that rival that of a car payment and others as high as the price of some home mortgages. For example, StubHub had tickets at $378 and field box tickets for $2,399, Ticket Liquidator is offering tickets at $2,600 each and one Craigslist seller is asking for $2,850.

However, before you open your wallet Johan deQuant with the Silicon Valley Better Business Bureau warns, "Just beware with tickets. The Better Business Bureau just advises fans when they are seeking tickets for this Sunday's game, just to be aware of fraudulent tickets.

According to the Better Business Bureau, thieves have become more sophisticated in their tactics to deceive people.

Still, there is another upside to the 49ers success -- local businesses get to cash in on fans.

"Sunday we've got great things going on the 49ers hometown, hopefully soon, we've got happy hour all day, beer specials, drink specials, food... come and join us," said Julie McArdle from Bennigan's restaurant.

"Any day the 49ers have been playing in the last two months have been really good for business," said Troy Tibbils from Zanotto's Willow Glen Market.

Zanotto's has been in operation for 35 years and the 49ers' extended season has meant an increase to his bottom line.

"We see that momentum sort of picking up. Last weekend was up about 30 percent over a regular Saturday."

The 49ers are one win away from a sixth Super Bowl appearance.