College student shot, killed in Richmond

January 23, 2012 12:00:00 AM PST
A senseless attack happened in Richmond on a college student heading to his night class. He was gunned down in the East Bay. It happened on Nevin Avenue at 22nd Street in an area known as the "Iron Triangle."

The college student was the apparent random victim of a man walking down the street firing a gun. Richmond police were out on the scene late Monday night marking evidence.

The 22-year-old Contra Costa Community College student and his sister were sitting in a car, preparing to head to class just before 7 p.m. That's when they heard screeching tires and a man coming around the corner trying to shoot at a car speeding away.

Our media partner the Contra Costa Times reports the car got away, the gunman appeared to be frustrated, stopped and turned, and then fired into the car where the sister and the student were just sitting.

The sister, who was behind the driver's side wheel tried to speed away, she did in fact speed around the block, returned and parked the car in an apartment parking lot and that is where her brother died there on the scene.

The Richmond police have not released any suspect description. Anyone with information is asked to call the Richmond Police at: (510) 620-6643