Occupy Oakland protesters may target Oakland Airport

January 25, 2012 5:38:00 PM PST
Occupy Oakland protesters are threatening the city of Oakland with shutting down the Oakland International Airport, if police stand in the way of their latest planned demonstration.

Occupy leaders returned to Frank Ogawa Plaza Wednesday morning to announce they plan on staging a march this Saturday from City Hall to a vacant building. Their plan is to make the building their new home and establish the same services they had at the encampment they had in front of City Hall.

"We will be taking over a place. We will not be asking for permission, nor will we be renting or paying any money to a bank. We will be taking over an abandoned property," said Leo Ritz-Barr from Occupy Oakland.

The demonstrators also read a letter they sent to Oakland Mayor Juan Quan stating that if they're evicted, they may repeat a shutdown of the port, they could blockade the airport, or once again occupy City Hall.

The mayor has no comment on the protest plan at this time.