Canadian students send Lego man into space

January 27, 2012 1:01:03 PM PST
Legos have conquered the final frontier!

Two Canadian students spent two years designing a contraption they could send into space using a weather balloon. It was equipped with four cameras, a GPS locater, and a Lego man holding a Canadian flag.

The device reached 80,000 feet before the balloon burst. A parachute helped it float safely back to earth. Using the GPS tracker, the teens were able to recover it along with some amazing images.

"We looked at one of our cameras on the small screen, and Matthew saw, and he called me, and we looked and we just shook hands," Asad Muhammed said.

"Just ecstatic, absolutely insane because we saw the blueness of our Earth and ozone layer, and the stratosphere, and then all of a sudden on the upper layer, you could see the blackness of space and just that contrasting layers was priceless," Matthew Ho recalled.

It was an incredible accomplishment on a budget of just $400.