Tom Brady's father talks to ABC7

ABC7 sits down with Tom Brady's dad

January 31, 2012 12:00:00 AM PST
The pride of San Mateo, Tom Brady, will try to join Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana as the only quarterbacks to win four Super Bowls. I sat down with Tom's father who couldn't be more proud of his son. Here are a few excerpts from his interview and you can see the whole thing in the video.

Tom Brady Sr.: We're tickled that he's having the success that he has. This doesn't get old by the way.

Shumann: Would you have ever thought when he was growing up as a gangly, skinny, tall kid that this would have been his future?

Brady Sr.: No.

A Saturday Night Live skit once featured Jesus in a locker room saying, "If I'm the son of God, Tom Brady's got to be the guy's nephew. That guy's a miracle worker."

Brady Sr.: As was said on Saturday Night Live maybe he's the nephew or the grandson of God because he has been rewarded and good things have happened. He's kind of been sprinkled with some gold dust.

Shumann: Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana are the only quarterbacks in the history of the game to have four Super Bowl rings. If Tom wins this will be his 4th, and I know Montana was one of his idols growing up, so I think Tom would enjoy joining this class.

Brady Sr.: Well he would. Joe is the top of the pantheon of great quarterbacks and Tommy, just to be in the same conversation of being something special kind, of makes the dad feel real good. But it's a big mountain to climb because the Giants are going to be very tough. We were this close the last time.

Shumann: Tom's only loss in a Super Bowl, so there's not a revenge factor here, but this game is a little of a revenge matchup.

Brady Sr.: Well, it's just another opportunity. You don't know how many times these opportunities are going to keep knocking on the door to notch that 4th. You know you're going to put everything in that you can into it, the question is, is that going to be enough to get the reward that you want?

Shumann: Tom is really playing against the best competition that's ever been in the league, so if he were to win his 4th, he might be considered the best of all time. How does that make you feel?

Brady Sr.: Humbled...that's pretty special.

Shumann: Last question... a prediction?

Brady Sr.: I see the Patriots win it 37-35.