Livermore police seek rock throwing vandals


At least nine incidents were reported over the weekend -- early Saturday between 1 and 2 a.m.

One of the targets during the weekend rampage was Vineyard High School. Rocks were launched through at least two windows. Police believe the attacks were random and extremely dangerous.

It was no prank to one young Livermore mother. In the middle of the night, a rock crashed through the window of her baby daughter's bedroom, narrowly missing the crib and nearly embedding into a wall more than 20 feet from the window.

Luckily, mother and child weren't home at the time.

"It almost went through the laundry room wall;and covered glass all over my daughter's room, she's really young and there was a blanket of glass in it," the woman, who only wanted to be identified as Lauren, said.

Police believe it was just one example of what happened at nine different locations where vandals used some kind of launcher to propel decorative river rocks into homes, mailboxes, cars and the windows of the school.

"There's some sort of launcher; there's so many barriers, dual pane windows, the blinds, going 20 feet across the room into a wall," Livermore Police Ofc. Steve Goard said. "Especially going at that speed. They're very lucky they didn't hit a person during this act."

Livermore detectives released surveillance video showing a car that may be linked to the vandalism. It's a white SUV or station wagon that drove by one location just as a rock sailed into a victim's mailbox.

"We're hoping that someone in the community recognizes the car, hears someone talking about it and will call us," said. "The severity of how dangerous these individuals' actions are, we want to stop them immediately and hold them accountable for all they damage they did to the property."

A Livermore police officer was attacked and hit in the head with rocks and debris. At this point, investigators do not believe the two incidents are related in part because the attack on the officer was on the other side of town.

Police are asking anyone with information on the vandalism here and elsewhere to contact them at (925) 371-4900.

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