Shootings continue to plague Oakland neighborhoods


The shooting was outside the new Fruitvale gang injunction zone imposed by a judge this week, but inside the 100 block area where the mayor and police chief are focusing most of their attention. All one mother knows is Friday's shooting was way too close to her home.

Two small children were nearly caught in the crossfire during a bold daylight shooting on Oakland's Holly Street near 99th Avenue.

Two bullets pierced Tamara Baty's screen door near where her young child and another often stand during the day.

"Both the babies had been at the screen door, they like to watch people go by," Baty said. "I said come on, let's put your socks on and get away from the screen door. God and the socks are what saved them because there are two bullet holes right at head level."

Police arrested one man they believed was the shooter. Investigators marked at least 10 shell casings in the driveway and sidewalk in front of Baty's home.

The gunfire was heard by officers on patrol.

"They heard multiple gunfire, as they turned the corner, they observed several people running and saw a male running with a gun, he ran behind some houses," Oakland Police Sgt. Arturo Bautista said.

This is the fifth shooting in the past two days in the streets of Oakland. Police believe at least some of the violence is connected to one gang trying to reclaim its turf from another in East Oakland.

Wednesday, an Oakland resident's home surveillance system captured another shooting that happened in broad daylight. It happened on 63 Street in the city's Temescal area.

The man was home when it happened and when he realized his cameras had caught the shooting, he contacted Oakland police. When they didn't respond, he offered the video to ABC7. After ABC7 got in touch with the police, a detective came for the video.

It all comes as a superior court judge issued a preliminary injunction against 40 Norteno gang members in the Fruitvale District. Covering two square miles and 400 city blocks, the injunction zone prohibits the gang members from selling drugs, threatening witnesses and carrying guns among other things.

"The city keeps telling us that they're going to focus on individuals, but we know from an enforcement standpoint that they're looking at the entire neighborhood, that the entire neighborhood is under surveillance," Stop The Injunctions Coalition Rachel Herzing said.

For the second time this week, an Oakland school had to be placed on lockdown due to gunfire in the area. This time it was Elmhurst Middle School for about a half hour.

Besides the man arrested, police are still looking for others who may have been involved in Friday's shooting.

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