SJ first grader wins prize, spends day with Busch

SAN JOSE, Calif.

Busch was at Williams Elementary School in San Jose to fulfill A.J. Bulow's wish-- a first grader and quite possibly his biggest fan.

A.J. hasn't always loved NASCAR racing. In fact he was turned on after going to a Giants game. One of Busch's race cars was at the ballpark. A.J.'s dad says that's how the love affair for race cars began.

"No one was around the car and we were there early. So I put A.J. inside the car, we took the picture and that's where it started," said David Bulow, A.J.'s father.

A.J. and his dad then entered a competition where they had to design a race car paint scheme. They uploaded that picture of A.J. in the car, added Busch's sponsor M&Ms, some racing flames and even a checkered flag. They competed against 26,000 people from around the world and won.

The prize was to spend the entire day with your favorite NASCAR driver, which was a no brainer for A.J.

"He's got the whole day. So we came out here, he wanted to share it with kids. I thought that was cool. I thought, 'He must really love school' and hey, school is cool," said Busch.

Of course, there is the possibility that A.J. will eventually become a NASCAR driver himself, but there's no pressure on the little guy.

"Well, first I'm still thinking, but if I am then I'm going to start with go-cart racing," said A.J.

After school, A.J. and his hero were on their way to play video games.

"This is the best day ever of my life," said A.J.

The race car will not see any action. It will be used only for promotional events.

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