Most expensive South Korean film opens Friday

The film from CJ Entertainment is rated "R" and shows 1920s Korea, occupied by Japan. Joon Sik, a Korean boy, works for a Japanese officer. When the officer's grandson -- Tatsuo -- arrives, a running rivalry begins. In later years, the two face off in a race to go to the Olympics. Sik wins, but the Japanese command gives first place to Tatsuo. That sets off a riot.

Koreans are sent to the Japanese army where life is hard, unrelenting. Tatsuo becomes a cruel officer who shows no mercy. They wind up in a Russian prisoner of war camp. It is a place of desolation, hopelessness. The Koreans are forced to wear Russian uniforms to become cannon fodder for attacking Germans. These two bitter opponents escape, trudging through mountains. A bond begins. They rely on each other to survive.

Eventually, they wind up in the German Army at the invasion of Normandy. This epic is close to 2-1/2 hours. I just hope it finds an audience.

I've never quite seen a film like this. With literally cast of thousands -- 16,000 extras to be exact. It is brutal, bloody gory, filled with action and emotion. There are scenes that are reminiscent of "Saving Private Ryan." "My Way" is an example of stunning filmmaking. At times it is a bit melodramatic, so I give it a bit less than a full bucket.

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