Nadia Lockyer reveals why she resigned


She spoke on camera for the first time Saturday. During a four-minute interview with a San Jose Mercury News reporter, 40-year old Lockyer spoke about why she resigned.

Lockyer reignited a relationship with ex-boyfriend 35-year-old Stephen Chikhani last summer. Chikhani has a history of methamphetamine abuse and met Lockyer in a rehab program in 2010.

That renewed relationship caused friction with her husband, 70-year-old state Treasurer Bill Lockyer.

Then in February she accused Chikhani of assaulting her in a Newark hotel room, causing head and neck injuries. Days later she entered into rehab.

"I do need to resign cause I need to really, really focus on my recovery from both the assault, that abusive relationship, you know, healing my heart and my pysche," she said.

In her letter of resignation she wrote she also wants to also concentrate on raising her child. Her fellow supervisors say that all the constant media attention caused too many distractions. They say they support her and her decision to resign.

"I loved being a supervisor and I think I did a hell of a job. I do. I do think I accomplished a lot in that short year," Lockyer said.

The board will have 60 days in which to select a replacement to serve out her term. If they can't find one in 60 days Governor Jerry Brown will appoint a successor.

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