Bank continues to send woman stranger's bank info


The more Yolanda Birdsong tried to get the bank to stop, the more personal information the bank seemed to send her. But she's proof good Samaritans can make a difference.

Birdsong was surprised when she started receiving someone else's Wells Fargo bank statements

"The first time I seen it I would put in the mail, saying please return to sender, and that happened on a few occasions," Birdsong said.

Then she took matters into her own hands, trying to find the women through Google. No luck. So she asked her sister, who happened to be a Wells Fargo customer, to take the statements into her branch.

"So we thought that was the end of it and we would never see them again," Birdsong said.

But the next month, she received more from the bank. This time she opened it hoping to find the woman's contact information, but she found something else instead.

"We have received her social security number, we have received her credit card and we've received her actual pin number," Birdsong said.

Determined, Birdsong took all the misdirected mail into a Wells Fargo branch herself. The manager promised to take care of it. But again, no luck.

"And to make that type of an error and to continue to repeat the error after you've talked to managers at different branches in different locations, and it still continues to go on, I'm very angry," Birdsong said.

She decided to contact 7 On Your Side and we alerted Wells Fargo.

"I'm proud to say I did get a response immediately and I'm excited about it," Birdsong said.

Wells Fargo said, "We appreciate the effort that was applied toward this matter and we are pleased it's been resolved. The address has now been corrected and Yolanda shouldn't be getting anyone else's personal information any longer."

"I'm just happy that it was me and not someone else, that this poor person, her money would be gone," Birdsong said.

Wells Fargo encourages its customers to utilize online banking for both convenience and security.

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