Oikos University shooting suspect pleads not guilty


One Goh is accused of killing seven people earlier this month. He sat among other inmates in the courtroom Monday looking more alert than he did previously. When it was time to enter a plea, he said, through an interpreter, "Not guilty." Wangchen Nyima, the brother of one of the victims, Sonam Choedon, was among those in the courtroom. "I don't know why he's not guilty. I lost my sister and there's other six people who have been killed. So, why he's not guilty, I'm not sure," he said.

When Goh stood up to leave the courtroom, he only acknowledged the interpreter, bowing to him.

The spokesperson for the sheriff's department said Goh, who had refused to eat, is no longer in the infirmary. "He started eating over the weekend. Don't know exactly why, but he just started eating and now he's been moved to another part of the jail to try to get him more mainstreamed into the inmate population," told ABC7. The sheriff's department says he spends just one hour a day outside his cell

Funeral services were held Monday for another of the victims, 40-year-old Doris Chibuko, at All Saints Catholic Church in Hayward. Many of the nursing students who witnessed the shootings attended. Chibuko's husband spoke as he left the church. "I didn't know how much my life depended on her until I lost her. She does everything for me and the kids. It's going to be really difficult, but with God's help and friends and family and the community, I believe we're going to be able to pull through," he said.

Classes resumed Monday for the nursing students although many have refused to go back to Oikos and were transferred to Unitek College in Fremont. "We took them to the classroom. They seemed very happy, very energetic, and they were just ready to get started again and put the past behind them," Navarag Dawa said. The college was nice enough to offer the space for free.

One Goh will be back in court in Oakland on June 25 for a pre-trial hearing.

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