Woman fights Hollister for her last paycheck

SAN JOSE, Calif.

The company was still in business. It certainly tired to pay, but what a mess to sort through all of this.

Savannah Jensen worked at the Hollister store in San Jose's Westfield Oakridge shopping mall last summer. She was confused over her final check and never picked it up. It wasn't a lot of money -- $101.22 to be exact -- but Hollister sent it to her home and that's where the problem was found.

"It is expired. It was void after 180 days," said Jensen.

The check was dated 8/19/2011. That's August 19th and it says the check is void after 180 days, which means it expired in mid February. And yet it wasn't even mailed out till 4/03/12, early April.

Jensen said this was very frustrating. She figured she would get the check reissued, but what seemed like an easy task turned into an insurmountable challenge.

"We left them five voice messages to their payroll, theft and fraud. Everyone we could get a hold of, we left a message," said Jensen. You can hear the frustration in her voice. "I was like, 'Do you have a supervisor I can talk to?' He said, 'No, we don't have a supervisor.' I was like, 'Do you have a general manager, like any phone number?' And he said, 'No, we don't have any of that. I have no control over that. You can contact the number on the paycheck.' And so I did. They put me through all of that and they don't have a general manager, they don't have a supervisor that we can talk to. They have anyone we can talk to. There's just payroll that never answers phone calls, never returns any phone calls."

And they did call me back. After multiple phone calls, several emails, and running into odd corporate policy - the public relations department doesn't take calls from the media.

But eventually, I did make contact, explained the situation, and Jensen finally got her call back. The check is being reissued right away.

"I could have done without it, but it's just the principal. It is my $100 that I worked for," said Jensen.

You bet it is and she should be receiving her check soon.

Now if you have an issue with a pay check, or any other consumer problem, let me know about it.

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