Ramos victims' family expresses outrage in court


It was an emotional day in court. There was not a dry eye in the courtroom when Danielle Bologna, her young daughter, and Bologna's sister-in-law gave their victim's statements. Listening at the other end of the courtroom was Ramos, a reputed member of the MS-13 gang and the man who killed Danielle Bologna's husband and two sons four years ago in a drive-by shooting.

"I didn't care what he felt. It wasn't about him. It was about a release of pain that I had been holding for four years," Danielle told ABC7 News. Those four years of pain that tortured Danielle, the wife and mother of the victims, came out with a fury in the courtroom. With her hands shaking, at times weeping, she still spoke in a strong voice looking directly at Ramos.

"I lost my family, my life in San Francisco, and our house and all the memories we shared in our home. My pain is so deep, you can't even imagine," she said. She held up family pictures of her husband Tony and their two sons, Michael and Matthew. They were some of the same pictures she showed ABC7 News when during an interview after Ramos was convicted. Danielle wanted Ramos to see and feel what he took away from her. "I think when I showed him the picture of my son who was on life support, that's when he put his head down like it was real," she said. "And again, no emotion. It was like callous, cold."

Nani Bologna, the 14-year-old daughter and sister of the victims, also got up and spoke. She talked sadly about how much she missed her father and brothers. "I don't use the word hate, but I hate you with all my heart and know that your daughter will know that her father is a murderer," she said.

The judge says he intends to sentence Ramos to life without parole next Monday morning. He delayed the formal sentencing so that Ramos' lawyers can file a request for a new trial. They are charging jury misconduct, but didn't say exactly what that was.

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