FactCheck: Obama's ad attacks Romney's record

Our partners at FactCheck.org found this ad repeats a well-worn statistic used by Democrats, but there's a twist.

The ad begins with the president saying he approved the message. Then it blasts Romney's years as governor of Massachusetts saying he presided over one of the worst economic records in the country.

The ad says: "When Mitt Romney was governor, Massachusetts lost 40,000 manufacturing jobs. A rate twice the national average and fell to 47th in job creation in the nation, fourth from the bottom.

FactCheck: That's misleading. Massachusetts did lose 40,000 jobs, but it lost even more in the years before he took office. Under Romney, Massachusetts didn't fall to 47th, it climbed up from 50th. By the time he left Massachusetts was ranked 28th.

The ad says: "Instead of hiring workers from his own state, Romney outsourced Romney outsourced call center jobs to India."

FactCheck: Not exactly, what Romney did was veto a measure that would've prevented the state from doing business with a contractor who was locating state customer service calls to India. Democrats controlled the legislature and could've overridden the veto, but didn't the veto was supported by leading newspapers as a savings to taxpayers.

The ad says: "He cut taxes for millionaires like himself, while raising them on the middle class."

FactCheck: That's only partially true. Romney didn't cut taxes for millionaires, he opposed a plan to impose a capital gains tax retroactively. He insisted on delaying that tax hike eight months. As for raising taxes on the middle class, he imposed a number of fees, but none of them targeted middle income workers. He also proposed cutting the state's income tax three times. That would've have cut taxes for all taxpayers, but the state's Democratic legislature wouldn't go along.

"So now when Romney Mitt Romney talks about what he'd do as president, 'I know what it takes to create jobs.' Remember we've heard it all before. 'I know how jobs are created.' Romney economics -- it didn't work then and it won't work now."

FactCheck: That's an opinion, not a fact, but the fact checkers at the Washington Post put together an interesting comparison of jobs records, they looked at Romney's record as governor and Obama's record president and ironically the chart shows a fairly similar trajectory under both men.

FactCheck.org did the research on this ad. To see their full analysis go to their website. And you can also see the FactCheck we did on Thursday on the Romney campaign's latest offering here.

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