Art exhibit celebrates women creating life


There are body castings that have been turned into sculptures, thousands of photographs and sketches and drawings -- a labor of commitment from artist Patrick Stull.

"They all have a story about what they're encountering to create life; the joy, the fear, the anticipation, so you have to start with them to get involved," Stull said.

It's a bold move for Stull. He had a successful career in financial consulting and banking, but there was a creative passion gnawing at him. Eight years ago he left the corporate world to become an artist.

Exhibit rooms are separated by sheer curtains.

"The concept is you don't want to separate women from women; they're all together in this process," Stull said.

The setting lets you share in each woman's story.

The exhibition is at Fort Mason through Sunday. Stull hopes to take it to other cities.

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