Video shows crash that injured mother, young child


Fremont police say two drivers had set each other off on Peralta Boulevard about two miles earlier before the crash at the intersection of Peralta and Fremont boulevards. Less than five seconds after the car struck the woman and young daughter, who was in a stroller, the second car can be seen driving through the intersection.

"Two individuals, for some reason, their tempers flared and they began to road race each other," Fremont Police Ofc. John Flynn said.

Police say the second driver backed off from racing blocks before the crash.

Union City resident Joseph Ansari, 21, was driving the speeding Nissan and was arrested for felony reckless driving. He has been released on bail.

"He was very distraught, he was cooperative from the time during our interview, he's accepted responsibility and now has started to realize the consequences of his bad decision," Flynn said.

The surveillance video shows Ansari jump from his car and move the limp body of the 43-year-old mother before witnesses told him to put her down.

It's unclear from the video where or how the car hit the stroller but it was mangled at the crash scene and the 1-year-old girl sent to the hospital. A fast thinking young woman can be seen rushing in to help and grabbing the dazed toddler.

"My main focus was taking care of the little boy to make he was OK, to keep him calm," Andrea Lavigne said.

Ansari is emotional on the surveillance video. Police say the second driver, who can also be seen on the video, is cooperating with investigators.

"Right now he is listed as a witness, that could change in the future depending on what we find out, any new witnesses that come forward," Flynn said.

The woman was released from the hospital on Wednesday night. The little girl is reportedly in intensive care.

Ansari is scheduled to appear in court Thursday.

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