DVD of Flannery, Weir to benefit Stow


Tim Flannery played on stage at the Uptown Theater in Napa, but you might recognize him in a more familiar role as the San Francisco Giants third base coach. He's a man with two careers.

"The time [baseball] needs, then in the off season the time I love to play the music and get away from this, it kind of balances out each life," said Flannery.

He sang during his playing days with the San Diego Padres. After being with the Giants for seven years, he struck up a friendship with Bob Weir.

"On Grateful Dead night they asked if I would sing them anthem with him and Phil Lesh and I did that and then when I started playing shows, he said, 'I'd like to be part of something we could raise money and awareness,'" said Flannery.

Then Giants fan Bryan Stowe was attacked in Los Angeles at a Dodgers game. It had a profound effect.

"All of that changed that day and it affected all of us, our ballclub, our organization, our city," said Flannery.

The result was playing together and making a DVD.

"I'm playing the music because it makes me feel really good and at times, it can make other people feel better and this is one of those times," said Flannery.

Kenny Wardell of BamMagazine.com http://bammagazine.com/ organized the concerts in Napa. They raised $60,000 and produced the DVD that goes on sale Tuesday at AT&T Park and other locations. Flannery says what happened to Stowe gave him pause and has brought him closer to his family, a family filled with music.

"My little brother sings opera in three languages. He's directed choirs in front of the Pope in the Vatican. So you come by our house on Thanksgiving, it's a four-hour set with dinner in between," said Flannery.

The DVD will sell for $20.

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