Man delivers son in driveway of Richmond home


Imagine coming into the world to flashing lights and firefighters. It's the birth story for Sione Miracle Mafuahingano.

The little boy was ready to go when his mom Akesa's water broke early Tuesday morning.

Dad, Soape, had no idea what was about to happen.

"She walked to the car and I went to the bathroom, you know, brush my teeth and all that, when I came out she was leaning on the van and she said, 'I can't make it,'" Mafuahingano said.

His response?

"I just told her no, I can't do it," Mafuahingano said.

But their Honda Pilot was about to become a delivery room. Out went the car seat and in went mom. Dad called 911 and was told to do something.

"So I grabbed the head and I was waiting for the baby and then she just did what she had to do," Mafuahingano said. "When he came out he wasn't breathing, so I moved his...he had stuff on his nose and then started crying."

And that's when the ambulance arrived.

Both mom and baby are doing fine. They are at an area hospital and should be able to go home in just a few days. Dad is still a little shaken, but he's OK too.

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