Company puts an end to long telephone hold times

Spending time on hold is a total drag and yet that is how we all spend hours of our time each year. However, enter a website and iPhone app from Fast Customer, a company that does away with all that.

"This is ridiculous. Why would people, why would humans, spend our time being on hold with machines," Aaron Dragushan said.

Dragushan came up with the idea for Fast Customer, "Our system picks up the phone as it were, navigates through the phone tree until we get to a live person. We wait on hold as long necessary. We are playing a message that message says please press one for your next customer." And that's when your phone rings.

But, does it work? When an intern with 7 On Your Side tested the service's iPhone app, it worked perfectly. It also worked well when we used a cell phone as the return number. It did not, however, always work with the ABC7 phone system. It turns out many corporate phones are not compatible with the system.

Dragushan says he's going to look into a few of the problems 7 On Your Side ran into during the tests and get them fixed.

There are more than 3,000 companies available through Fast Customer, which is free.

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