Bank VP accuses LAPD of brutality in arrest


Photos released by Brian Mulligan's attorney show Mulligan in a hospital. [We warn you, some viewers may find the images disturbing.] Mulligan's attorney, J. Michael Flanagan, said Mulligan's face is battered and he had bones broken in the disputed incident. Mulligan has plans in motion to sue the department.

"A tremendous amount of force was used on a person who was unarmed," said Flanagan.

Mulligan has no previous police record. His resume, posted on the USC Business School website, lists him as one of the most powerful businessmen in Hollywood: Once an executive at Fox, then chief financial officer at Universal, now a vice president of Deutsche Bank.

Conflicting stories have emerged. The LAPD says the incident occurred in Eagle Rock one late night in May when Mulligan was trying to enter parked cars. Mulligan stated he was sweating, trying to get away from someone chasing him.

According to a police report, Mulligan said he had smoked marijuana and consumed a substance known as "bath salts" days earlier. Flanagan denies Mulligan made those statements.

LAPD officers made no arrest then, saying they "could not make a determination [that Mulligan was on] anything we normally see or test for," according to LAPD Lt. Andy Neiman.

Officers searched Mulligan's car, seized his keys, his phone, handcuffed him and had him check himself into a motel, telling him to stay there to the morning. Mulligan, they say, was "out of it."

But within hours, Mulligan left the motel and was allegedly on Eagle Rock Boulevard pulling on doors of moving cars.

According to the LAPD, officers responded again. They say that this time, Mulligan was aggressive, took a fighting stance and charged toward officers. The officers were able to arrest him without using any weapons. However, they say during a struggle he sustained injuries requiring him to be hospitalized.

Flanagan disputes LAPD's account. He alleges that officers conducted an illegal search, falsely arrested, falsely imprisoned Mulligan and used excessive force.

"We'll find out who's telling the truth and who's not telling the truth," said Flanagan.

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