Dumbarton Bridge closed Labor Day weekend


A fishing pier with a blue railing on the Fremont side of the bridge is a segment of the original bridge from 1927. It wasn't replaced with the current version until 1982.

"They're 30 years old so we're expanding their movement this weekend," said Effie Milionis Verducci from Caltrans.

Caltrans will also be lifting the bridge five inches to put 10-foot steel bearings in place. The same work was done on the western side of the bridge over Memorial Day.

"It's two-discs that fit together and slide over each other and it gives this bridge up to four feet of movement in any direction," said Verducci.

The Dumbarton Bridge normally carries 61,000 vehicles on weekdays and about half that on holidays. The Memorial Day closure did not result in any significant traffic congestion on the alternate routes.

The northern detour is Highway 92, the San Mateo Bridge and on the south it's 101, 237 and 880 looping around to either side of the bay.

The Waze traffic app that helps motorists find the best and fastest routes around the Bay Area is ready for the bridge closure. Users will not be given any routes requiring the Dumbarton.

"So if you're trying to get to the East Bay, you're going to type in an address, and it tells you the best way to go right now and it's not the Dumbarton. Is it going to be the bay bridge? Is it going to be going all the way around? The San Mateo Bridge? You won't have to think about it," said Michale Habdank-Kolaczkowski from Waze.

East Bay resident Ray Olivan of Newark fishes under the bridge. Friday he caught a shark. He's fully aware of the coming closure and has planned accordingly.

"I'm going that way. I'm going to Antioch, to Sherman Island right now," said Olivan.

As always, the re-opening time of 5 a.m. Tuesday is subject to change.

"We're hoping to reopen early. We'll reopen as soon as the work is done. We want to bring the bridge back into operation for motorists come Tuesday morning's commute. So 5 a.m. is the deadline that we're looking to meet or beat," said Verducci.

There are no more full closures for the Dumbarton Bridge. All of the seismic work is supposed to be wrapped up early next year.

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