7 On Your Side tests out juice sprayer


"Man, lobster and crab, that's how you do it sir," Carlo Chavez said as he served up food at another lunch time at Sabella & La Torre at Fisherman's Wharf. Chavez was working the counter and the crowd. "Come odown everybody. We have the best soup, clam chowder, we've got shrimp, we've got crabs, we've got everything you want. If it swims, I got them," he said.

The fish there is great, but I was there for the condiments.

"We use a lot of lemons, tons of lemons all the time," said Chavez.

Finney showed Chavez a new product called "Stem." It's a citrus spritzer which promises to allow you to spray citrus juice directly from the fruit, so he tested it out. It is easy to set up. You just jam the stem into the fruit and then spray.

"Oh wow, it works! Wow, that's great," Chavez said. "This is beautiful."

The juice tastes fresh. It really feels as if you're spraying from a bottle. The Stem is gaining fans. It works on lemons, but how about limes? Seven On Your Side put it to the test and it also worked pretty well.

The Stem can be bought online and costs $4.99.

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