Coast Guard launches search for missing fishermen

Rescue crews airlifted one of the survivors to Stanford Medical Center. San Mateo Sherriff's deputies tell ABC7 News he is one of four people who were on a fishing expedition Sunday.

Deputies say the 18-foot boat they were aboard was tossed by a large wave as they were close to shore. Images from Sky7 HD show the boat crashed on some rocks and ended up upside down.

A Coast Guard helicopter and a number of rescue boats were launched to look for the two people who remain missing in the water. But teams have now started winding down their efforts.

ABC7 News talked with a nearby resident who says one of the survivors made it to his house to call 911. He then went to try and help, "It wasn't that big of a boat, that and the life vests, which I also saw in the water, the guy had told me that they weren't wearing them, so I didn't think it was going to turn out that well for them," resident Mike Gilbert said.

San Mateo Sheriff's Deputy John Gonzales added, "You gotta imagine it's gotta be pretty traumatic getting tossed in the water, one of them was very hypothermic, so for him to regain his senses, and make it all the way to one of these houses is very likely."

Deputies say it took him about an hour to make it from the beach to the nearby homes to call for help. Family members of the missing men were at the scene of the search, but the two men's names have not yet been released.

One of the survivors was suffering from hypothermia, the other from shock and possibly a broken arm. One of those men was rushed here to Stanford Medical Center, the other to a different hospital, but sheriff deputies didn't have that information available.

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