Kite surfing father, son survive lightning strike

October 4, 2012 5:59:02 PM PDT
It was a dramatic day at the beach for one father and his son who were both struck by lightning while they were kite surfing in Florida.

For a terrifying moment, 14-year-old Kai Weltzein thought he'd lost his father. Kai says he saw a "big white flash," dropped his kite, looked over, and saw his dad laying on the ground.

Stinging from pain, he sprang into action. "I just kept saying his name over and over. I was like, 'Dad, wake up,' and people started running to him," he recalled.

"Tell them they need to do at least 100 compressions per minute," a 9-1-1 operator could be heard saying in a recording.

"You hear all the stories about the danger and people getting struck, but I never thought it would happen to me," Falk Weltzein said.

Falk was hit by up to a billion volts, enough to light up a small town. He's amazed they both survived. To celebrate, the duo intends on going right back out to kite surf.